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The main purpose of “SBS – Bulgaria” is to help read and study the Scripture, the Bible, in every home and family, and to encourage and support laymen from local churches to join such ministry.


През пролетта на 2011 година се запознах чрез г-н Сяров с материалите на програмата. Извършихме съвместно няколко уроци в църквата ни в Борово. Уроците бяха приети много добре И ви пратихме жена за обучение в Русе. След проведена от Вас конференция на 21.10.2011 година рестартирахме програмата. Започнахме с 6 човека…

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Pastor Darin Ivanov

OBTS - Borovo

My name is Ivan Nikolov. Two and half years ago a friend of mine met me with pastor Blagovest Nikolov. Before that me and my friend had spoken for God but I never really took our conversation seriously before I met pastor Nikolov. We spoke a lot and he invited me to visit the church in Sofia, 49 Solunska Str. So one day I actually went. I was pleasantly surprised by his preach and the people in the church…

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Ivan Nikolov

15. 06. 2014

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SBS Bulgaria

SBS Bulgaria