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Community Bible Study International (CBSI) is a non-denominational international Christian organization that trains spiritual leaders in many countries around the world by preparing them to reach out with their biblical message to their compatriots. Bible study materials are translated into the local language, adapting to the culture and needs of the people.


Fundamental values

The CBSI team and its sponsors from various Christian churches believe that:
  • God transforms the life of the believer through the power of His word (the Bible).
  • The Biblical Studies program must be accessible to everyone, including Christians of all traditions and faiths.
  • CBSI’s mission is most effective when it comes to teamwork. The team principle is followed at all levels of organizational activity, as leaders serve others, following the example of Christ.
  • The CBSI Service should adapt to different cultures. National Heads and Coordinators in the individual countries are fully responsible for the flexible implementation of the program, according to the context.
  • CBSI’s mission is to strengthen the body of Christ (the Church) in its inner diversity. The accent falls on the essence of Christianity, not on the specific doctrines of a church.


Short history

Community Bible Study International originates from the Community Bible Study (CBS). CBS was born in the United States in the 1960s as an initiative of laymen who want to revive local churches by studying the Bible in small groups. In 1979, CBS formed study groups in England and Peru and in the 1980s in other countries. Due to the widening of the ministry, CBSI, a subsidiary of CBSI, was established in 1992 to deploy the CBS mission in many countries around the world.

SBS Bulgaria

SBS Bulgaria