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Driver training is another important aspect of CBSI’s work in Bulgaria. It can take the form of full-day or half-day seminars at the request of interested churches or Christian groups. The training includes the following main practical themes:


Organize a small group

Although informal and free in nature, the small Bible study group has its peculiarities. Is there a natural approach to its formation and what is it? How many people it should consist of? What are the advantages of the small group as a place for biblical learning and spiritual growth? What is its dynamics? How can the ministry in small groups contribute to building the local church?


Leading a small group

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The leader of the small group plays an important role in its functioning and development. What knowledge and skills should he possess? What exactly are his responsibilities? How do I really have to run a collection under his guidance? What are the typical challenges that he will face?


Preparing for an edification on a Bible passage

According to our program, Biblical study in small groups may have one more step: instruction by a trained teacher. It should deepen listeners’ understanding of the particular biblical passage and induce them to practice the truths found in it. How to prepare a concise, convincing and inspirational lesson? How to formulate his subject and present consistently and interestingly? How to achieve better interaction with listeners?


Results of the small group

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