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Self study of the Bible

The individual program is a self-study of materials distributed by our organization, which consists of two stages.



Stage I

The first stage consists of studying two courses. The first course is on Galatians, and second on the Word of God, which is a brief overview of the Bible in six lessons.

The materials on both courses are sent by email.

When you study the self-prepared materials on both courses, you may wish to solve a test that will be sent to you again via email. When you pass the test successfully, you receive a Bible – THE NEW TESTAMENT OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST!

If you are willing, then you can start a second one after passing the first stage.


Stage II

The second stage consists of learning two courses. The first is on the Gospel of John, and the second on the Message of James.

The materials are sent again by email and we can send you a test on both courses again.

When you pass the test correctly, you receive a Bible as a gift!



After passing the individual program, you may receive an official certificate from our organization!



I want to start on the individual program

The program is carried though thanks to SBS Bulgaria.

If you are interested in the program and would like to start with it, you will need to fill in the following contact fields:


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